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Lord, I Need Help

In October of last year, I attended a Womens conference titled Lord Help Me I'm Stuck, When Moving Forward Seems Impossible. The workshop is geared towards helping you move forward and set you free from the paralysis of life in 2018. In a previous blog post titled (Lord Help Me I'm Stuck). I went into detail about how the conference was very helpful for me and others who attended.  Because of an overwhelming response, the workshop is being held again next month February 16-17, 2018 The healing begins, Friday night at 7pm and again, Saturday morning at 9am regist[...]


The Road to Happiness

  Happiness is one of those things I thought was someone else's responsibility. I thought in order to be happy someone had to do something to make me happy. I was unhappy for most of my childhood because my mother and grandmother were both dead, the two people who made me happy so I thought. I had a terrible attitude and felt like God had dealt me a bad hand and often wondered why my mother and grandmother had been taken from me. I felt like I was being punished and had no idea what I had done wrong. I learned in my early 20s the definition I had of happin[...]


A Balance Between Friends And Marriage

  When we get married our husband is undoubtedly our best friend and confidant. However it's my opinion that there should be a balance between friends and marriage. I have heard many women speak of loosing their identity when they got married. The reason being, they either stopped hanging out and talking with their friends or their husbands friends wives became their friends. I understand how that can happen especially becoming friends the wives of your husbands friends but, let's face it you can't be completely comfortable with that situation because in t[...]