My Experience With Depression

May is mental health awareness month. I was not going to speak on this topic because I did an interview last year and it was a very good interview and, I thought I said all that was needed to be said I was very vulnerable.  I wasn't really feeling like going that deep again but, when God wakes you up in the middle of the night and tells you, it's time to share again, well, here I am again going deep. Depression is a very real thing, you would not believe the number of people who suffer in silence, because of the negative connotation associated with mental illness[...]



Have you ever found yourself in a bad situation that was completely out of your control, and ask the question, why is this happening to me? Then thinking, I must have done something wrong. At the same time not being able to think of anything that could have warranted this type of punishment. Let me, be the first to raise my hand, when I was a child my life was everything one would classify as a great childhood until the age of nine years old. For one decade unimaginable  things happened, things I never wanted to talk about, things that would change the course of[...]



Whenever I have a speaking engagement or an opportunity to talk about my book, Revelation at Cliff House the question always comes up "how were you able to forgive?" my response is almost always the same, I was able to forgive because I want God to forgive me. The Bible says forgive and you  shall be forgiven. However, forgiveness is not as easy as I make it seem in that statement. I have done a lot in my life that I needed forgiveness for, things that would probably not make a mother proud. I learned however, when you become older the hurt becomes deeper and peo[...]