Self Care

I recently had the pleasure of talking to a very wise woman about self-care. I told her I was having a hard time believing I even deserved it, because I thought it might be selfish.  I, like most women can think of a million other things to do before I do something for myself. If I were even asked the question what would I do if I could do anything I wanted for myself for one hour in the day I probably couldn't answer the question. I rarely think about what I like to do, or what I want to do, or my needs in general. I believe that I should be there for everyone e[...]


A Balance Between Friends And Marriage

  When we get married our husband is undoubtedly our best friend and confidant. However it's my opinion that there should be a balance between friends and marriage. I have heard many women speak of loosing their identity when they got married. The reason being, they either stopped hanging out and talking with their friends or their husbands friends wives became their friends. I understand how that can happen especially becoming friends the wives of your husbands friends but, let's face it you can't be completely comfortable with that situation because in t[...]