Living With Heart Disease

Hello everyone, im writing to let you know I will not be posting a blog this week. As some of you may know I have (SCAD) Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, a rare condition I've been living with for fourteen years. From time to time I have to go in the hospital, that's where I've been for the last six days. I am home now resting however, I need some time to unpack emotionally from this hospital stay so my mind can return to its creative state. Please be patient with me while I recuperate. I'll be writing to you again soon. Xoxo  [...]


A Balance Between Friends And Marriage

  When we get married our husband is undoubtedly our best friend and confidant. However it's my opinion that there should be a balance between friends and marriage. I have heard many women speak of loosing their identity when they got married. The reason being, they either stopped hanging out and talking with their friends or their husbands friends wives became their friends. I understand how that can happen especially becoming friends the wives of your husbands friends but, let's face it you can't be completely comfortable with that situation because in t[...]