Lord Help Me I’m Stuck

  I recently had the pleasure of attending a Women's Renewal Conference, the theme was Lord Help Me I'm Stuck: When Moving Forward Seems Impossible. I was so blessed by the Conference I thought I'd share with you, my readers. There were three things the speaker touched on that could keep us stuck preventing us from moving forward in the things God wants us to do. Believing the lies Satan tells us, having been hurt, disobedience or all three. She also mentioned that if we thought about it, and said I used to be stuck however, I've worked through my issues a[...]


Should I Trust You

I get questioned a lot about the Bible verse in Ephesians 5:22 that speaks of wives being submissive to their husbands. I always respond with if you marry the right man you won't have a problem being submissive. Being submissive is not following your husband around like a puppy and doing whatever he says or following his lead on every issue without an opinion. Being submissive is an act of love, respect and trust for the authority God has bestowed on him as a husband and head of the house. As I mentioned earlier marrying the right man is key, what I mean by that i[...]