She is Still Standing Women’s Empowerment Luncheon.


A platform where women can share their story of turning pain Into triumph, to inspire other women that they can do the same, and that they don’t have to be a victim of their past no matter what anyone says. God is no respecter of persons. We all have a purpose.
Terrifying. Harrowing. Words like this come to mind while reading Cynthia Lombard’s story. We hear about people living with chronic pain all the time, and empathize with their suffering. But what is it really like? What if there is no cure for the disease, and what if you’re only one of ten survivors still alive? With a stubborn faith and the will to live, Cynthia Lombard stomped through to clearer skies. And her story isn’t finished yet. Her healing is a work in progress. Cynthia Lombard’s style is quick-witted, refreshingly direct and gripping.


Little Daphne basked in the love of her family as though it were the perfect dream, but the dream soon became a wretched nightmare. Torn from all she knew and loved, Daphne found herself in the unspeakable predilections of a nameless man. Caught in a death-grip somewhere between heaven and hell, Daphne tried to end it all, but fell instead into the caring hands of a handsome, young doctor who understood her, perhaps a little too well, for his own young life was met with equal, sinister destruction. Because of his sound counsel Daphne’s life thrived, while his fell apart. But a supernatural revelation would soon fall upon him, through the very hands of the young woman he embraced so many years ago. Set amid the fog and jagged cliffs of San Francisco, Revelation At Cliff House is an anointed novel of shocking twists and unexplained events that will stir the reader at every turn of the page. Is it fiction or a true-life story? You be the judge.