Chris And Jon

  The past week has been one of the hardest I've had to endure in a very long time. I've been through some pretty tough times in my life dealing with being sick, living with heart disease. The deaths of my mother and father in law not to mention my own mother, even the untimely deaths of some of my friends. However this past week my family lost two young family members ages 26 and 23 two brothers killed in a brutal car accident that took their young lives instantly. The parents of the boys are devastated as well as completely heartbroken. I can only imagin[...]


Lord Help Me I’m Stuck

  I recently had the pleasure of attending a Women's Renewal Conference, the theme was Lord Help Me I'm Stuck: When Moving Forward Seems Impossible. I was so blessed by the Conference I thought I'd share with you, my readers. There were three things the speaker touched on that could keep us stuck preventing us from moving forward in the things God wants us to do. Believing the lies Satan tells us, having been hurt, disobedience or all three. She also mentioned that if we thought about it, and said I used to be stuck however, I've worked through my issues a[...]


To Tithe Or Not To Tithe

I've been tithing since I was about 19 years old which I think was when I understood what it meant. I had heard about giving ten percent to the church before when I was a child and offering because I went to church regularly. However it wasn't until I was older and, in a teaching church that I understood what tithing really is and that not doing it is robbing God because everything belongs to him. I also taught my children the importance of tithing giving ten percent of their earnings to God before paying their bills, because God is the one who gives us the power[...]


Living With Heart Disease

About two weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to speak to second year medical students about living with heart disease. My doctor called and ask if I wouldn't mind being a guest patient in the classroom, the session would be filmed for future use, and the med students would try and diagnose my illness. My doctor is amazing so I told him it would be my pleasure, I had no idea it would be one of the best experiences of my life. I know the students learned something they will never forget however, I had no idea I would learn something as well. The session started[...]