God is Still God

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that God is Still God. I know that sounds simplistic, but, you would be surprised how many of us need to be reminded of this during this time. (Trust me, I get it.) I know right now, we are going through something, that none of us thought we would see in the United States in our lifetime. We are scared for our life, and the lives of our loved ones. We feel helpless and uncertain about tomorrow, and some of us, whether or not we are willing to admit it, are wondering where is God. Thats why I titled this blog, God is Still God. People are dying left and right and some of us just don’t feel safe right now. However, fear not because God is still on the throne, and he did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind.

The Good news is, the events that are happening around the world, are of no surprise to God. God knows all and sees all, and he created all things. Therefore, I believe we can be confident that God is bigger than the corona virus/covid-19, and just like we go to him with all our other needs we can go to him and ask him to heal our land. Not to mention he says in the Bible, if we go to him and HUMBLE ourselves, pray, ask forgiveness and seek him, he will heal our land. I’d also like to suggest, since we have so much time on our hands with the stay at home order, we could use this time to spend with God.  In the Bible, God says he will give us perfect peace if we keep our minds on him. How do I keep my mind on God? I’m glad you asked. We keep our mind on God by reading his word, praying, listening to praise songs, and thanking God for all he is doing thats good in our lives.


I believe, we can still give God praise in the midst of the trouble that is all around us. Lets take advantage of the gifts God gives us freely. God gives us Joy, Grace, Mercy, Peace, and Salvation, if we ask. (We have to ask for Salvation) Also, when we remember what God has done in the past for us it makes it easier for us to believe he will do it again. So instead of worrying about something we can not change lets find something to be grateful about everyday, pray for one another, and, obey the stay at home order. Listening, to what the government and those in office tell us to do is using wisdom. We are still operating in faith when we listen to those in office. God created government.

I know, we miss socializing with family and friends, and feel stir crazy in the house those of us who are not able to work. I personally feel like I’m in jail, (ha ha ha) If you know me you know I’m always down for a good dining experience. However, I’d like to  encourage you, and say, this will pass and we will be able to socialize again. In the meantime again, lets have a heart of gratitude, when we have a grateful heart, it takes our focus of the negative, and the things we don’t have or what we can’t do right now. I’d also like to encourage you with some scriptures that may give you comfort. Psalm 91, 2Timothy1:7, Psalm4:8, 1Peter5:6-7, Philippians4:6-7, Isaiah41:10, Isaiah26:3, and John14:1 also, remember this, as bad as a situation is, it could always be worse.

Be Encouraged!

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