The words I AM are two of the most powerful words that will come out of your mouth, because the words that come after define who you think you are and what you become. It can be positive or negative, if you say you are ugly, stupid, fat, unworthy, or broke that is what you become. on the other hand when you speak life to yourself you began to see yourself as the light God created you to be and able to spread life to those in your circle. The Bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue. With that said, we must make sure what we say about ourselves line up with who God says we are.


Of course when I heard these words as a young person, I had no idea what that meant, how could life and death be in the power of the tongue. I know people get sick and die all the time, does this mean we can prevent death if we just say so? If that were the case why do so many people die? I learned later on in life it’s not that simple but, its not complicated either. The things we hear and the things we say have an effect on us and what we believe. When we hear negativity all the time we begin to look at everything in a negative light and its hard to find the good in anything. When we hear positivity we believe there is good in us and in the world.

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What we say is also a choice, we can choose life or death, positive or negative. Sometimes we can’t choose what we hear but we can choose how we interpret what we hear. Sometimes things are taken personal that were not meant to be personal, not everything is about us all the time. This is how we choose life, I am blessed, I am victorious, I am the righteousness of God, I am strong, I am powerful, I am smart, I am prosperous, I am free I am kind. This is how we choose death, I am defeated, I am stupid, I am a looser, I am weak, I am poor, I am a liar, I am ugly, I am worthless, I am never going to be happy. With that type of thinking your soul will surely die. I believe that’s what is meant by life and death is in the power of the tongue, you may not die a physical death however the death of your soul is also fatal.

I want to encourage anyone who may be speaking death into their life or situation to please begin to speak life. Speaking life is simply changing negative thinking or talking into positive. Once I learned how to see myself the way God see’s me it changed my life. I was one of those people who was told I was everything negative. I was lazy, ugly, stupid,  worthless and unlovable. By the time I became an adult I believed all the negative things I was told as a child. The negativity affected every area of my life, I had low self-esteem, I was depressed  my soul was dead, and needed resuscitation. I had to learn to tell myself I was none of those things I had been told as a child. I had to learn to reject the feelings of self-hatred, and unworthiness, it was not easy and it took hard work and lots of talking to myself  in the mirror to turn the lies around however, it is possible. I am everything they said I would not be, I am smart, I am a author, blogger, I am a mentor, I am a speaker, I am a wife, I am a mother, I am strong, I am a survivor, and I am beautiful (that was the hardest to convince myself) I am who God says I am, and so are you!

Be Encouraged!

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  • Debra Calloway
    June 1, 2018

    Amazing words greatly needed. Thank you

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