The Lord gave me a word for 2018, Trust: The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  I  was not surprised, because he had been dealing with me regarding trust at the end of 2017.  In November, my family suffered a horrible loss, and a couple of weeks later my husband got very ill and had to be hospitalized. My faith was challenged, and it was a very stressful time for my family. Therefore I was having a hard time trusting God. Which, in retrospect is a little hard to believe, because I’ve been in a lot of tough situations where I had no trouble trusting God for my help. However, God showed me, in this situation I was not letting go and trusting him completely. I was giving him the situation then taking it back, because I believed God needed my help. (Funny right) So, as only God could do, he showed me where I was not trusting him and how to start trusting him in every area in my life even with things I don’t understand.



God showed me in his word that we all would have trouble along life journeys  especially as christians. We would be persecuted, suffer pain and humiliation. Opposition would be lurking around the corner every time God gave us an assignment. We would pray and sometimes we wouldn’t  get the answer we hoped for, but it doesn’t mean God isn’t still God. It means we have to accept his answer and trust his plan. He also showed me that even though it looks like he is not working, he is working on my behalf and that his time is not my time, and his time is the right time even though its different from my time. He reminded me that he always has a plan, because nothing that we go through is a surprise, he already knew. He also reminded me in his word that he would never leave me or forsake me, or give me more than I could bear. which means that as long as I am in the valley or going through the fire, he is there with me and when I come through the fire I would not only be changed, but also stronger.

Now the next part seems simple but it is almost impossible when you are in the valley or going through the fire. He told me simply, the way to keep my peace and to trust him in all things was to keep my eyes on him and do not look to the left or the right (trust me, this is easier said than done) and as long as I was able to do this I would get through anything. He took me to his word and showed me in Mark 4:35-40 the story of the fishermen that he told to get in the boat and go through to the other side and the waves got too much to bear and they started coming inside the boat, the fishermen got scared and woke Jesus up and said help us we are about to die. The reason they got scared and lost their peace was because their faith wavered. Another example in Matthew 14:27-30 The disciples saw Jesus walking across the water and thought he was a ghost, Jesus said down be afraid and he told Peter to come, Peter was walking on the water to meet Jesus but, as soon as he saw the wind and rain looking at his circumstances, taking his eyes off Jesus he was afraid and began to sink into the water.


Spending time reading the bible and quiet time with God, helps keep my focus on him instead of my problems. Also, God is not a man that he should lie, he is able to do what he said he would do also, he knows what we need before we ask. God loves us in a way that is unique to us as individuals. Also when we focus on him our problems become smaller and the God we serve becomes bigger than life, sometimes the situation stays the same for a while but, because it is not in the front of our minds it becomes easier to bear. I have also found myself in a position where I am unable to hear Gods voice, in listening to a song I was reminded that when I can’t hear his voice I should trust his plan because he is the Lord, he sees, and he understands. I challenge you to look inside yourself and ask if there are areas in your life where you are not trusting God completely I know you will be surprise like I was, just be confident in this one thing, If you ask he will show you and give you instructions.

Be Encouraged!

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  • Bryana
    March 19, 2018

    Amen! Isn’t it funny how we think God needs our help and we do it all in our own strength and nothing works. Thank you for reminding to trust in God and to ask myself what areas I’m not fully trusting God in.
    Love you!

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