What God Has Joined Together…


I recently attended a beautiful wedding in Dana Point, California at The Ritz Carlton Hotel. It had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. As my husband and I sat there listening to the vows I couldn’t help but be transported back thirty years ago mentally to my own wedding. I focused on a vow in particular which was, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. In my vows the pastor added, no woman, no circumstance, no child, no mother or father. I have remembered that all my years of marriage, and it has been a great guide to staying together and working out our issues on our own without outside interference.

It is very tempting to talk to other people we trust about issues that inevitably arise in marriage. However, God put those words in there for a reason sometimes other people have the best intentions in regards to your marriage, and generally wish you the best. There are others who secretly wish to destroy your relationship be it jealousy or other reasons, sometimes the people closest to you or people you least expect are the ones sabotaging your marriage and people who are not married absolutely not. Marriage is a sacred covenant between you, your husband and God. God truly wants the best for you and your marriage because he loves you and hates divorce. The less outside influence you have in your marriage the better no matter how well intended.


(If you are having issues in your marriage that need Godly counsel by all means get it, that’s why God put them in place sometimes we need a third impartial person)

I got married when I was in my 20’s and I was very happy, I had been dating my husband five years prior to us getting married. I had an idea of what that looked like, and felt comfortable going in that direction. Soon after my wedding my friends started asking me questions about how I was doing things such as our finances, dinner and chores. I felt those were harmless questions and to this day I don’t think there was any ill will intended. However, what happened next I recognized as a trick of the devil devised to stir up trouble in my marriage. When I discussed how my husband and I put our finances together and that I fixed dinner and brought him his plate and I did most of the chores I had so much backlash it made me start questioning my decisions.

Next thing I knew my husband and I were fighting about things that other people had put in my head. The thing about it was I didn’t mind doing any of those things but, because I let other people in my head I started thinking differently. After a few months of this, God showed me what was going on was a trick of the enemy. I needed to repent and apologize to my husband I went to my husband humbly and told him why I had been arguing with him about stupid things and ask for forgiveness he forgave me, not only did tell my business when speaking with my friends I was telling his business as well, which is a big No No. Marriage business is between husband and wife only, too many opinions can ruin a relationship quickly.

I learned some valuable lessons from that experience, keep others out of your marriage there’s a reason God put that sentence in there. Also, the enemy hates marriage and family, and will use anything and anybody to destroy it because, he knows as a unit you are stronger for the kingdom of God. God loves marriage and family and hates divorce for the same reason the enemy hates the family unit. As long as I stay on the path God laid out for me, my marriage will not fail. Not to say there won’t be any issues however if I keep my eyes on God, and not others opinions there’s nothing God can’t fix.

Moral of the story keep others out of your marriage, there’s three sides of the story yours, his and the truth and let’s face it only God knows the truth anyway.

Be Encouraged!

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