Living With Heart Disease

As I wrote in a previous post, I was in the hospital for six days. I live with heart disease so every now and then I have to go in the hospital. Usually I go to the hospital to be admitted about every six months because my heart gets weak and I need bed rest. This time I pushed myself past the six month mark because I simply did not want to go in the hospital. It’s not like when I go in there I’m at the Ritz Carlton getting room service quite the opposite. When I go in the hospital I’m getting stuck like a pin cushion because my veins are so small they can’t be found because of all the years of being stuck, they roll and hide causing me tremendous pain. Also I get no sleep because every four hours nurses or doctors are in and out my room around the clock. Last but not least they have me on a restricted diet and the food is so bad It’s in edible. hopefully I’ve painted a clear enough picture that you can imagine why I pushed the six month time frame.

Well by doing that my heart reached maximum capacity and I woke up one morning in excruciating jaw and chest pain. You can imagine how scared I was, so I got my doctor on the phone immediately and made him abreast of the situation. He then jumped into action by making arrangements for me to be admitted to the hospital within a few hours. Once at the hospital my doctor met me in my room and we discussed a plan for the next twenty four hours starting with bed rest. After the doctors and nurses left my room and my husband retired for the night I began to feel frustrated that my life has to be disrupted every six months and that I have to live with such a debilitating illness. I even felt sorry that my husband ended up with a sick wife that he didn’t sign up for, I wondered what was the point and why was my life worth living and why would he want to be in this life with me.

Then I heard a small voice say, this illness does not define you, you are who I say you are. Your life is worth living because I created you in my image and you have a purpose to fulfill and you are not leaving until it is complete. I am the one who wakes you up everyday and even when the doctors give up on you I don’t give up on you. I will never leave you nor forsake you so don’t give up on me and what I have told you, You will serve me in this broken body because you are to give me glory just as you are, what the devil meant for evil I turned it around for my glory. When your husband said in sickness and in health he signed up for it. You will get through this like you have every other time and in times to come, I will deliver you and you will tell of my glory.

I shared this with you to encourage you that there is nothing too hard for God. Whatever situation you are going through rest in knowing that Gods got you, it may not be the same thing I’m dealing with but God is no respect of person if he’ll do it for me he will do it for you. It’s not easy living With Heart Disease I have good days and bad, I have days that I cry all day. When those days come, so does God he shows up and reminds me how much he loves me and assures me that weeping may endure for the night but, joy comes in the morning.

I usually don’t get this specific in my post so I believe God wants to help someone today. If that’s you be assured God hears you and he loves you, don’t give up on God because he won’t give up on you. There’s nothing he can’t handle there’s nothing he can’t deliver you from and nothing you can do to separate yourself from his love.

Be Encouraged!

  • Debra Calloway
    October 15, 2017

    Thank you Cynthia you are always so encouraging .

    • Cynthia Lombard
      Debra Calloway
      October 23, 2017

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you are being encouraged

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