Happy Birthday!

October is a special month for me for a few reasons. I love the fall weather, no longer the heat of summer but not quite the chill of winter. Another of course being the month I was born, the month God choose to give me life. Also because it’s the second time God blessed me with life. October 23, 2012 I had open heart surgery, that is a procedure where they take your heart out of your body, stop it from beating, work on it then put it back and hope it starts beating again. Since they ain’t praying and they just hoping, I give the glory to God because his grace is sufficient and his mercy is new every morning so God is the reason my heart started beating.

Since 2012 I have have written a book titled Revelation at Cliff House, it talks about how God was present in my life as a child and brought me through some very rough experiences. I started a blog, heart2heartwcc.com where I talk about my journey, living with heart disease. This year 2017 I decided to start another blog where I can talk about all things Cynthia. The website is cynthiamlombard.com Be Encouraged and Start Living. On the site I have three main topics I discuss, they are Marriage, Faith and Living with Heart Disease. From time to time I throw other topics in to keep it interesting. I also took all the blogs from my first blog site and transferred them to this site for your convenience, if you want to read my journey just click on the archive section of this blog site and they are all there. You can also find where I will have speaking engagements and doing book signings, also for a limited time while supplies last Revelation at Cliff House can be purchased directly from me as well as on Amazon. The added bonus of purchasing directly from me is you will get an autographed copy of the book.

After experiencing the miracle and the blessing of waking up after surgery I wanted to make sure I used my time wisely to glorify God. In doing that, I believe I found my purpose and I am enjoying every day in a whole new way. There have been times in my life because of what was going on at the time or reflecting on what I had been through, I was not happy to be alive. I felt like I had no purpose or direction but seeing God work in my life, I understand everything I had been through was to prepare me for this time. Also seeing how I’m able to help others through my experiences have changed my perspective on life. I am happy and grateful to wake up everyday I also feel blessed God choose me to make a difference in the lives of others.


I have a lot to be thankful for this month and everyday. I invite you to celebrate with me this month and give God praise for all he has done and will continue to do in your live as well.

Be Encouraged!

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