Lord Are You Listening

If you have ever had a conversation with God, at some point the question came up whether he heard you, or if the voice you heard was him. It’s completely natural and happens to us all at one time or another. I’ve always heard that when God speaks to us it’s in a small still voice. Other times I’ve heard he speaks to us all in a way that’s unique to us meaning he will come at us the same way each time whichever way that is for us. Recently I had a conversation about this that shed new light on the subject, and that was when we are questioning whether or not the answer we got was from God we should look back on previous answers when we were sure the answer was from God, and in dong so we remember not only what he said, but also where we were and what we were dong when we got the answer.

When I was given this information I started to recall times when God had spoken to me, and I found the information to be true. On just about every occasion I remembered where I was and what I was doing at the time I received the word from God. For example I remember a time when I was in the hospital and I was frustrated because I was in there for a procedure I had gotten many times before, for my heart and I felt the procedure was not working. So I prayed and ask God what should I do, a couple days went by with no answer and time was running out because I had to give the doctors an answer soon. I opened my bible and God spoke to me through his word and said I am with you even in your sick bed. That contorted me, but I still needed an answer for the doctors, which is what I told God. He then told me you will know what to do when it’s time. I tell you it was right before the doctors came back for my decision, and God was right at that time I knew what to do and that was to have the procedure .


I wanted to share this information as a way to look back on prior conversations you’ve had with God as a way of assuring you that God speaks to us all in a unique way and to assure you that you do know how to hear from God. As I was writing that down I remembered where I was what I was doing, and the time of day. I even saw it in my head like it was yesterday and it was 2004. If we have ever had an encounter with God and experienced him speaking to us, from that point forward we know his voice.

Just like when we are in a situation where it looks like we are drowning and can’t get out of the pit of despair, God tells us look back at where and what I’ve brought you from in the past. He didn’t leave you then and he won’t leave you now and that’s a promise he makes to all his children. ” I will never leave you or forsake you.” That’s a way to be assured that because God got us out of a tough spot before he knows how to do it now. However I know there are times when our timeframe is a little different from his, we want to be out of the situation now, but often times when we are in a situation a long time it’s because there’s a lesson in being in the valley. Next time before wondering if God heard you or if you heard him ask him what are you teaching me or what is it in me that needs to be removed so that you can take me to the next level.

There’s a couple things I know for sure and that is when we are in the valley, or we are questioning whether or not to make a move or waiting for a prayer to be answered, there is 9/10 a lesson to be learned or we need to be still for a while because there’s restoration in the valley. The place where we hear him, and remember where he’s brought us. Also the reason in Psalms23 he says ” he makes me lie down in green pastures leads me beside still water and restores my soul.” Whatever the case, be assured God answers all prayers and you do know his voice just remember how you heard it last, and also know God will always be true to his word.

Be Encouraged!

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