What’s Your Testimony


All of us have testimonies, I believe there are different types of testimonies. I’ve heard the phrase you have to have a test in order to have a testimony. Well I don’t believe that to be true in all cases because I’ve heard too many testimonies including one I’m going to speak of today that was not a test other than me believing God to do what he said he would do. My first testimony that I remember as a child had nothing to do with a test, it had everything to do with God being true to his word. Meaning he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Don’t get me wrong, there are testimonies that are associated with a test, I’m just taking about one that was not, all I had to do was believe the word from God.



To some, this testimony is one you’ve heard me tell a time or two and to others it will be a first. Those of you that know it bear with me, I believe I’m writing about it because someone is waiting on God for something and  needs to read this testimony. The reason I write this blog is to help, inspire, and encourage. I believe I am doing so because God gives me the topics and what to say about each one, most of them are my personal experiences however he tells me how much to share about each experience.

Now to the testimony, I was in a mid week church service some years ago and the message that came across the pulpit was this is the year of cancelled debts. As you could imagine the church erupted with joy including myself because let’s face it who doesn’t have some debt they’d like to have cancelled. Well I was no different, I probably spent months trying to figure out what debt was going to be cancelled. Months turned into years and nothing happened. I think I finally stopped focusing on it but every now and then God would bring those words back to my remembrance. I kept going about my life working, going to school working on a second career, and taking care of my family.

The years continued to pass, I graduated and was looking forward to moving on to my second career. I had been out of school about a year when I was hit with a massive heart attack that almost killed me. As you could imagine my mind was not on cancelled debt at this time however, I never forgot the word from the Lord nor did I think it was not going to happen. I just continued on with life, I know God does not lie and he said debt was going to be cancelled then it was going to happen. ( back to the heart attack) The heart attack seemed to come out of nowhere, turns out I was born with a rare disease I was unaware of until the attack.



Soon after, I was considered disabled and unable to work. As if the heart attack and the news of being disabled at 41 years old wasn’t devastating enough, all the schooling I went through was in vain. Also a couple of months after getting the news I could no longer work, student loan notices started coming to the house. I thought wow, how am I going to pay these bills with no money. I started reading the bills and all the fine print trying to find a way for an extension. In doing that I ran across a subtitle that explained criteria how the debt would be forgiven in its entirety. As soon as I came across the words MEDICAL DISABILITY God brought back to my remembrance CANCELED DEBT. I took care of the necessary paperwork and the debt was canceled.

Let me tell you in my wildest dreams and all my trying to figure it out, I never came up with my student loans being forgiven because of disability. What that taught me was no matter how long it takes, (it was five years from the time I heard it by the way) When God says he’s going to do something he’s going to do it, and 9/10 it will be in a way we least expect. So now I just trust the process. Right now I’m living out a promise he told me 25 years ago and when he said it I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

If anybody is waiting on a promise God told you about years ago be Encouraged God is faithful to perform his word. Also, he who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Christ. That means he will see it through beloved.

Be Encouraged!

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