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I’ve been going to A Toast 2 Artistry for about two years. It is a fun place to go paint and sip wine (or whatever is your preferred beverage) you can go as a group for a party or alone. It’s a great place to unwind, release stress, and let your creativity  go wild. You need no experience to paint they have wonderful patient paint instructors. My favorite is Nick the Artist. Not only is there adult painting, they also have children paint parties as well. I actually went to one they had this last Christmas where we were instructed to come in our Christmas pajamas and they served donuts and hot chocolate. (I know you’re wondering why I went if it was for the children) well it’s because the picture was cute and I wanted to paint, and even though my guest and I were the only adults except for the parents of the children we felt no judgement. At A Toast 2 Artistry there are nothing but good vibes.


The owners Monica and Myisha are the friendliest people you ever want to meet. I feel like family every time I go there, the atmosphere is as I said earlier warm, friendly and good vibes only. Also if you want to have a private party in your own home, you can do that also. If you want to eliminate the fuss of clean up at your home, private parties are available at the studio as well. A Toast 2 Artistry also rents out space for other events such as book signings, yoga and I’ve even been to a color book party. They also do team building exercises at companies.

I enjoy going there because there are not many places I can go, and not exert a lot of energy. Due to my heart condition too much exertion is not good for me, so here I can sit while I sip and paint. It’s also very relaxing for me because of the nice music being played while we paint. I always leave there proud of my finished product which my husband always displays on a wall in our home for everyone to see when they come to visit. I enjoy it so much that I wanted my friends and family to enjoy it with me so I hosted a party at my home in my backyard it was fabulous everyone had a great time laughing, sipping, eating snacks and painting. I wanted my friends to have the whole experience so I had jazz music playing in the background like at the studio. I can go on and on, but don’t just take my word go down there see for yourself, A Toast 2 Artistry is a cut above the rest.

If you would like to paint at A Toast 2 Artistry Studio, or book a private party at the studio or in the comfort of your backyard contact them at atoast2artistry.bigcartel.com find out about all their services, products and up coming events.

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