For Better or For Worse


Boy let me tell you I’d been to several weddings and saw even more on tv before I got married myself. I heard those vows a hundred times not really understanding the reality of what they meant “For Better or For Worse” it wasn’t until I had been married a few years that I realized those vows were in there for a reason. In the beginning you are in the “honeymoon” phase of marriage when you just look at your spouse and smile your cheeks start to hurt from smiling so much. I remember it had been about a month into the marriage and I was at work and I told a friend “I can’t wait to get home” I was so happy to be married.

Well folks that doesn’t last forever, I’d be dishonest if I were to lead you to believe that marriage is a bed of roses even though in my previous post it may seem that way and at those times it was however I’ve been married 29 years and that does not happen without some times when your spouse shows his worse side, my marriage is no different I’ve always loved my husband very much however there were times when I didn’t like him

. The key to that issue is one remember you said for better or for worse. Then also remember that God put those words in there knowing we would have challenges therefore God must have a plan for us to get past that part. Good news, he does God rewards us for being obedient so when we find ourselves in that situation think of moving past whatever we don’t like at the moment as being obedient to God also remember God Hates divorce but Satan loves divorce because he knows as a unit we are stronger for the kingdom of God.

Also last but not least Satan’s job is to kill, steal, and destroy and he does it by any means necessary. We need to keep in mind that it’s not our spouse that we are fighting against it’s the evil, darkness and the principalities of this world. When we learn to put things into perspective in those terms, we can get past the worse focus on fighting against our real enemy with prayer and the word of God then we can get back to liking the spouse we married.

Moral of the story, know that marriage is not always Better there will be times when Worse comes in sometimes to a greater or lesser degree. However, if you have the right tools to fight with and know who you are fighting against you will always emerge victorious. Your marriage is worth fighting for so fight for it with all you got.

    May 10, 2017

    That was great!!so much truth to that ! Thanks again for sharing!!

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