Finding your purpose

It was a long journey to finding my purpose in life. I think I thought it was some grand thing in life I was supposed to be doing. I kept asking people what do you think my purpose in life what is the thing you think I do well? The answer would almost always be the same, Cynthia I think you should be a counselor, you are a great listener and you have the best advice. Well I knew I had good advice because there was nothing you could ask that I hadn’t gone through good or bad. Somehow I didn’t connect it to being my purpose.

It wasn’t until I experienced a devastating heart attack that left me disabled that I started really looking into what God had me here for because, the disease that I have called Spontaneous Coronary Artery dissection (SCAD) is usually deadly however, God spared my life. Which meant to me I had a purpose that had not been fulfilled. So I started blogging to tell of my experiences with this devastating illness and how God got me through. Then I went a step further and decided to write a book about my experiences from childhood, then God began to show me how my life experiences and my testimony were tied into my purpose.

As I began to speak and write about the things I went through I began to let go of the guilt and shame I had associated with my childhood, such as my mother committing suicide, and the sexual abuse I endured as a child. I tried to hide the fact that these things happened to me and didn’t realize those things are my testimony and God used those things to make me the strong woman I am today. Also God turns what the devil meant for evil and to destroy me, and turns them around for his glory. Realizing all that God has brought me through and remembering he told me the things I had to endure in life were so I could help someone else who is struggling and hurting and him telling me he is to get the Glory in all things we go through good or bad. Putting all those things together I realized what my purpose is, and that is to tell my testimony to the masses and give God Glory.

We all have a purpose in life some purposes are grand others are simple however, they all are unique to the individual and that’s what makes our purpose special. God took the time to make every purpose unique to the individual carrying it out that’s why you are the only one who can carry out your purpose. When we connect with our purpose we are fulfilled because we know we are doing what God called us to do, we are doing what we were put here to do and there is no greater feeling or success to be had and, it can’t be bought. Hence the term (you can’t buy happiness) True happiness and success comes from God and knowing you are doing what God put you here for. God is concerned about what concerns us all we have to do is ask he will answer we just have to have to have an ear to hear his voice.

Be encouraged!

    May 3, 2017

    Oh my gosh!! So true! I feel like it’s taking me forever to figure out God’s purpose in my life!! I’m so glad you’re being obedient. You are a wise God-fearing woman!! Keep writing!! Be not discouraged!! You are gifted!! Jeremiah 29:11

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