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I was first introduced to Teavana teas about a year ago when I received the Earl Grey Cream as a gift. I fell in love at first sip, I like to add cream and honey to my tea. It was the smooth mellow taste that got me hooked. I had a box of the Earl Grey tea in the pantry, unopened when a guest came over who shared my love for Earl Grey tea I gave her the box. I told her after having the Teavana tea there was no turning back for me, and for her to enjoy the box.

I am a woman in my fifties and because of crazy  hormones sometimes I have trouble sleeping. I’ve tried all sorts of the usual remedies such as  Chamomile tea, hot baths and the combination of the two. However I have found that I don’t love the taste of Chamomile tea, with that in mind I went back to Teavana in search of a tea that would help me relax and sleep. After talking with the very nice sales lady and explaining my needs she offered a very tasty alternative to Chamomile tea called Peach Tranquility I was delighted to know there was an alternative.

She let me sample a bit, and just like with the Earl Grey I was hooked at first sip. She then let me in on another alternative to honey, called  rock sugar if I wanted to switch up sometimes. I heard about the rock sugar from other people but I just thought it was another form of cane sugar like the rock candy, to my surprise the rock sugar is made from beets. Yes beets! I had never heard of sugar made from beets the sales lady then let me sample the tea with the rock sugar, it transformed the tea from special to spectacular.

I immediately went home to give it a try, I had a busy day and thought I probably wouldn’t have a hard time sleeping, but the tea was so good I tried it anyway it did not disappoint I slept like a baby. The next night I tried it again when my day was fairly easy, same result slept like a baby. If you are in the mood for an alternative to Chamomile tea for relaxation and good sleep Peach Tranquility from Teavana is your tea.

  • Catherine
    April 26, 2017

    I have tried this tea and the beet sugar. Never knew that it had the relaxation property. That’s great cause it is delicious,

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