In The Beginning 

I’ve been blogging about Heart Disease since 2014 I chronicle my journey from the beginning to present date. So when I post about my progress at this point if you don’t know the history you won’t understand how far God has brought me the past 14 years. With that in mind the history of my journey is in the archive section of this site. The first post titled “In the Beginning” is September 2014 and goes from there to the present.
My purpose in writing my journey was and is to help myself deal with living with a chronic illness, as well as help my family and friends understand the the new normal for me and, to help someone else who might be going through something similar and maybe feel like they are alone. Also to remind them and me that we are never alone because God said he would never leave us or forsake us. I hope my journey blesses someone and inspires someone. I’d love to hear your comments.
Be encouraged and start living!

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