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Hello everyone,

I’m back and I’m better, I took a little time off to give my site a new look to include more than just me talking about my journey living with heart disease. In the new and improved site I will be talking about all things Cynthia and how I navigate through it all. I will be letting you in on when I have public speaking engagements, my debut book titled Revelation at Cliff House, faith, and marriage, as well as my continued journey with heart disease. I hope you will enjoy my new and improved blog as much as I enjoy writing to you, my goal has always been from the beginning to help someone along the way and give God the glory in the process.


I have learned through all of my life experience the good and the bad, that there is a reason for everything. One is to help others who may be going through the same experience or something similar and need encouragement. Second, in everything that happens to us it is important to seek God for the lesson or what he’s trying to show us even in the good that happens. So by sharing my experiences the good and the bad I believe I’m living my purpose to give God glory in all things.


When we are going through a tough situation the joy of the lord is our strength knowing he is going to bring us out victorious. If we find ourself in happy times and are in a season of blessing it’s because God brought it to us that’s why we are to give God the glory in all things. I believe if just one person is helped by my experiences/testimony that I share in my book or my marriage or my journey with heart disease then it was worth everything I had to go through to get where I am today.

Be encouraged,

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